New Advanced Interconnect Mezza-pede SMT Connectors

Mezza-pede® SMT Connectors from
Advanced Interconnections are designed
for board-to-board or cable-to-board
applications where long-term reliability in a
high density package is required. The
newest addition, header model DHAL,
features an ultrathin molded insulator which
reduces z-axis stack height down to 3.4mm.
Engineered with an enclosed screwmachined
socket, 6-finger contact, and
heavy gold plating, precision molded
Mezza-pede® SMT Connectors meet the
stringent requirements of telecom and
other severe environment applications.
Mezza-pede® SMT Connectors can be
easily customized to application-specific

We will be happy to drop off samples!

Fujipoly thermal interface pad placement demo

Westech Associates is the Northern California and Northern Nevada manufacturers representative for Fujipoly thermal interface materials.  

Christian Miraglia, Fujipoly Applications Manager, conducted a demonstration how thermal pads can be easily placed in a complex configuration.  Several thicknesses and sizes were used.  The demo was conducted at the Fujipoly Thermal Engineering Center located conveniently close to Trimble Rd and 1st St. right in the heart of Silicon Valley.  

If you need assistance fine tuning your thermal interface placement manufacturing process, we will be happy to assist.

Thermal Interface Demo:



December Product of the Month- Graftech graphite heat spreaders

eGRAF® Thermal Management Solutions


eGRAF® thermal solutions offer a unique combination of flexibility, weight savings and performance improvement to the electronics industry. With a diverse, award-winning portfolio of products, GrafTech pioneered the use of flexible graphite technology for thermal management by leveraging the unique anisotropic properties offered by the graphite crystal structure. By providing market leading thermal conductivity at a fraction of the weight, every eGRAF® solution is designed to challenge and expand the constraints of today’s thermal design capabilities.



eGRAF® SPREADERSHIELD™ heat spreaders provide a unique material capable of moving heat away from a heat source while shielding sensitive electronics for users.

SPREADERSHIELD™ heat spreaders are ideal for a wide range of electronics applications, from the thinnest and lightest smartphones to higher power devices


Spreads heat up to 4x Copper and 7x Aluminum

  • Eliminates hot-spots and protects sensitive areas
  • Enables the slimmest device designs
  • Saves weight compared to metal alternatives
  • Suitable for high volume production

February Product of the Month: AK Stamping Wireless Charging Coil

AKS' wireless charging coils are suited for the following applications:

• Charging pads and charging docks
• Wireless charging of medical devices
• Smart Wearables (watches, eyeglasses, earpieces)
• Smartphones and tablets

 This technology has the following benefits:

• Up to 60% reduction in cost vs Litz Wire 
• Improved durability and ruggedness 
• Thin profile 
• Reduce BOM components 
• AKS' Coil and ferrite shields validated by leading wireless chipset OEM's as a drop-in solution