Westech has worked on thermal applications for over 30 years and has partnered with industry leaders that are continually developing innovative thermal solutions.

Fujipoly offers  a full range of thermal interface materials, including:

  • Gap fillers - up to 17 watt/m-K
  • Putties - soft, thin & high K
  • Form-in-Place - absorbs mechanical tolerances, up to 8 watt/m-K
  • Thin Films - good resistance to shear/penetration
  • Custom Extrusions
  • 3D Custom Molding


eGRAF® SPREADERSHIELD™ flexible graphite heat spreaders provide a unique material capable of cooling a hot component, protecting a temperature sensitive component, reducing a thermal gradient, or preventing a surface hot spot.

  • In-plane conductivity 300-1600 W/mK
  • Anisotropic ratio up to 300:1
  • Thicknesses as low as 17μm
  • 30% lighter than Al and 80% than Cu
  • Continuous reel-to-reel format
  • Spreads heat up to 4x Copper and 7x Aluminum
  • Enables the slimmest device designs
  • Saves weight compared to metal alternatives
  • Ideal for high volume production

HB Fuller is a $2 Billion global adhesives innovator, manufacturer and solutions provider to help customers imagine, create, design and produce both today's and tomorrow's electronics.

  • Thermally conductive adhesives
  • Board level materials
  • UV curable materials
  • Low temperature cure adhesives
  • Structural bonding liquid adhesives
  • Reactive hot melt adhesives
  • Underfill and edge bonding materials
  • Reactive film adhesives
  • Materials dispensing equipment