Westech has a full line of innovative and reliable EMI Shielding products.

HB Fuller is a $2 Billion global adhesives innovator, manufacturer and solutions provider to help customers imagine, create, design and produce both today's and tomorrow's electronics.

  • EMI electrically conductive materials
  • Board level materials
  • UV curable materials
  • Low temperature cure adhesives
  • Structural bonding liquid adhesives
  • Reactive hot melt adhesives
  • Underfill and edge bonding materials
  • Reactive film adhesives
  • Materials dispensing equipment

Dontech designs and manufactures optical filters, coatings and components to enhance the optical and environmental performance of electronic displays and precision optics.

  • Optical/EMI Display Filters & Windows 
  • Anti-glare, anti-reflective
  • Conductive
  • Heat reflective
  • Vacuum deposited coatings

Noritake is an industry leader in Vacuum Florescent Displays, TFT Displays and Capacative Touch Switches:

  • Visible - Easy to Read, Bright and Wide Viewing Angle

  • Intelligent - Powerful MCU, Various fonts and commands

  • Reliable - Wide Temperature Environments

  • Quality - Industrial Field proven 

  • Support - Long-term Accountability since 1967