Westech has a variety of connector offerings - high quality, high volume, and exotic/custom connector solutions are available. 

Metz is in the market segments of industrial electronics, data and communication technology and building services engineering. 

Fujipoly utilizes its core silicone rubber technology to make a variety of elastomeric connectors used for board to board, speakers, microphone, battery and other applications:

  • SMT Connectors - compressible & soldered on to the PCB
  • Zebra connector
  • Wire Connector
  • Coil Spring Connector

Advanced Interconnect manufactures high reliability connectors and sockets through its screw machine process:

  • Custom Connectors, Exotic Shapes

  • Board to Board

  • BGA sockets

  • PGA adaptors

  • DIP/SIP sockets

  • Relay sockets

Sealcon is a quality provider of cable management components:

  • Circular Connectors

  • Cable Glands

  • Industrial Enclosures

  • Conduit Systems

  • Thread adapters, enlargers, reducers  

Quabbin is a wire and cable solutions company manufacturing the best products on the market- not just compliant, better than compliant

  • Harsh environment cable
  • Commercial cable
  • Digital A/V cable
  • General purpose wire and cable
  • Lighting control cable