Westech is on top of Silicon Valley Market Trends

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics continue to proliferate around the world and become more integrated in our lives.  They are getting smaller, faster, and running hotter than ever before.  

Westech's product portfolio has helped solve Thermal, EMI, and Ruggedization design issues for OEMs.  

Internet of Things

Studies show that by 2017 the amount of alternative devices connected to the internet will be more than phones, tablets, and computers combined.  


This market presents a huge opportunity for Westech's clients, particularly in ruggedization materials, connectors, and signal processing.

telecommunications/Network Infrastructure

OEMs that make servers, switches, and wireless connectivity infrastructure continue to grow at a frenetic pace to meet the demands of a growing number of devices connected to the internet as well as increased internet traffic across the globe. 

Westech has supported these companies for over 25 years and continues to stay on top of new entrants into the market that disrupt the status quo and present new design challenges.

Robotic Automation

The development of Artificial Intelligence is driving a new wave of robotics used to automate tasks typically done by humans.

We now have robots that can drive cars, perform surgery, and make deliveries through the air.  

Wearable Technology

We have seen an explosion of new wearable electronic devices as a means of using electronics to help us with every day tasks.

Watches, glasses, wrist bands and even clothes are now capable of performing tasks once done by a computer.  


Green Technology

Clean Technology has been a staple of Westech's market focus for a decade.  These companies are helping to preserve our natural resources for generations to come.

Westech has provided components for applications in solar panels, inverters, fuel cells, electric cars and other "smart" devices. 


Medical devices continue to advance in order to perform more advanced diagnosis and treatment.

DNA sequencing and analysis is a field that is growing tremendously to help identify and fight illness at the root cause.


Military hardware development has seen a consolidation in the Silicon Valley over the last decade.  

There are fewer companies designing hardware for military applications, but the programs that do exist have a long life cycle and thus are a good source of business for some of Westech's suppliers.